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Live online engineer interviews #IfYouWereAnEngineerWhatWouldYouDo
Live online engineer interviews #IfYouWereAnEngineerWhatWouldYouDo

The past couple of months have been fabulous for our Live Online Engineer Events.  It has been a difficult job selecting who to mention, with such a plethora of engineering talent to choose from!

Shane Miller: a Senior Engineer at Network Rail

Firstly, I have to mention Shane Miller: a Senior Engineer at Network Rail who, for a few days, held the record for the most number of potential pupils participating in a 2020 event, with some 2,234 online – only to be slightly edged out by the 2,674 pupils on Facebook’s Filip Hrenic’s event just 6 days later!

 live online engineer interviews #IfYouWereAnEngineerWhatWouldYouDo
Nick Valentine, Roboticist at University of Salford

And then, to top it all, we held an event on February 27 with Roboticist, Nick Valentine from the University of Salford, who had 5,096 pupils participating in his talk.

live online engineer interviews #IfYouWereAnEngineerWhatWouldYouDo
Victoria Howells, Director of Engineering Projects for Flight Simulation at Thales UK

A special mention also goes out to Director of Engineering Projects for Flight Simulation at Thales UK, Victoria Howells, one of our online engineering superstars.

live online engineer interviews #IfYouWereAnEngineerWhatWouldYouDo
Jenny Roberts, Mechatronic Engineer and Engineering Lecturer at Lancaster University

Also, our ever-wonderful, Jenny Roberts, Mechatronic Engineer and Engineering Lecturer at Lancaster University who stepped-in to cover a slot at short notice. If this is something you too would like to be involved in, please contact for future engagements, as an engineer or participating school.

For #BSW20 6th-13th March we have the MOST EXCITING line up for the live online engineer interviews – where your #school pupils will get to meet an engineer & interview them for the #IfYouWereAnEngineerWhatWouldYouDo #STEM competition! For more information visit

#BSW20 Engineer Extravaganza schedule:

Friday 6th March

10:30 – Laura Buecheler, Bio-Medical Engineer from GHOST – Feel It

11:30 – Jack Hartland, Chartered Engineer and Principle Mechanical Engineer from Gatwick Airport

13:30 – Proto-team for the South East of England, Canterbury Christchurch University Engineering students

14:30 – Anna Barney, Professor of Biomedical Acoustic Engineering from University of Southampton

Monday 9th March

10:30 – Ben Kenny, Production Planner from Veka PLC

11:30 – Naqash Khan, Aeronautical Graduate Engineer from Spirit AeroSystems

13:30 – Proto-team for Scotland, Glasgow Caledonian University Engineering students

14:30 – Bethany Welsh, Civil Engineering Apprentice from Balfour Beatty

Tuesday 10th March

10:30 – Dr. Matt Dickinson, Senior Lecturer in Computer-Aided Engineering at the University of Central Lancashire

11:30 – John Ritchie, Design Engineer from 4C design

13:30 – Mark Miodownik, Materials Scientist and Engineer for UCL

14:30 – Tony Yates, Head of Engineering Gatwick Airport

Wednesday 11th March

10:30 – Miles Franklin, Lead Engineer from Gravitricity

11:30 – Team-proto Scotland University of Strathclyde Glasgow Engineering students

13:30 – Team-proto University of Kingston London Engineering Technicians

14:30 – Anthony High, Aeronautical Graduate Engineer from Spirit AeroSystems

Thursday 12th March

10:30 – Naziyah Mahmood, Aerospace Engineer, and Astrophysicist from Scottish Engineering

11:30 – Team-proto for South of England University of Southampton Engineering Students

13:30 – Dave Coplin, Chief Envisioning Officer for The Envisioners

14:30 – Oliver Joris, Automotive Engineer from Ford

Friday 13th March

10:30 – Jenny Roberts, Mechatronic Engineer from Lancaster University

11:30 – Graeme Ralph, Principal R&D Engineer from Spirit AeroSystems

13:30 – Miriam Cristofoletti, Robotics Engineer from Renishaw

14:30 – Sarah Haslam, Chief Program Engineer – EU Engine Apps Programs from Ford