Meet an Engineer: Online Interviews

Meet an Engineer: Online Interviews

What question would you ask an engineer?

A large part of the ‘If you were an engineer, what would you do?’ is interviewing engineers and enabling learners to ask the questions that matter to them. These interviews provide an opportunity for engineers to share how they use creative problem solving in their work and inspire the pupils to find their own engineering ideas.  

You can find videos of our previous engineer interviews on our YouTube channel 

How do we interview an engineer?

We will be running a selection of live webinars with amazing individuals from across the engineering industry. To access these interviews, please register for the competition then log into the resources area to find the link to access the interviews.

What if my school isn’t available to join the live interview at that time?

All of the interviews will be recorded and uploaded on our YouTube channel so you can watch at a time that suits. We have a fantastic collection of past interviews on this channel so please make use of these as your alternative engineer engagement.

How will I know if that interview is suitable for my class?

We ask all engineering professionals to provide a quote beforehand so you have an idea of what the interview topic will be.

Can I join multiple interviews?

You only need to attend one interview, however if you wanted you could attend multiple. Remember, the sooner you have your engineer engagement, complete your entries in class and send them to us, the sooner we can get engineers to grade them.

My class has watched an online interview, what next?

This interview should have inspired your pupils to come up with their own engineering ideas and complete their entries in class. If you have any questions or need any support, please drop us an email.




March 7th at 2pm with Chris Van de Khul CBE, FRSE who is co-founder and chairman of multiple award-winning games developer 4J Studios, best known for developing Minecraft for Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo games consoles!

March 11th at 1:30pm with Bill from Boeing. “The sky is no longer the limit!”. Bill, a Inclusive Systems Engineering Leader and Head of Accessibility Engineering at Boeing leading initiatives that helps integrate accessibility considerations into engineered products, the workforce, and toolsets. He also played a pivotal role in establishing the Boeing Deaf Employees and Friends (BDEAF) initiative, demonstrating his commitment to nurturing inclusive workplace environments.

March 12th at 2pm with Paris Amy, a Technical account manager from Cummins!

March 13th at 1:30pm with Titi Oliyide who is Young Woman Engineer of the Year!

March 14th at 11am with Paula from Moonscape, let’s talk about Space Engineering! From working with rockets, designing spacesuit jetpacks and planning missions to the Moon.

March 15th at 2:30pm with Elaine The Dentist talking about Tooth Engineering.

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