Meet an Engineer: online interviews

A large part of the ‘If you were an Engineer What would you do?’ Leaders Award Competition is interviewing engineers and enabling pupils to ask the questions that matter to them. These interviews provide an opportunity for engineers to share how they use creative problem solving in their work and inspire the pupils to come up with their own engineering ideas.  

You can find videos of our previous engineer interviews on our YouTube channel 

How do we get involved in the online Interviews?

All interviews are available to those who are taking part in this years competition.

If you have not signed up you can ‘Register Here’ and if you are already registered you can RSVP on the ‘Resources Area’.

If you are able to join the interview live you will be able to ask questions and share thoughts via the Q&A and Chat functions, but all interviews are uploaded to our YouTube Channel so you never miss a thing.

Please feel free to share your thoughts on our social media channels using the hashtag #EngineersInTheMaking

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October 3rd – 7th – Rail Week! – Inspiring the Future

October 5thDavid Reardon – Bloom-In-Box

October 12thAndrew Smyth – ‘Bakineering’: Baking meets Engineering!

October 19thDr. Alex Leung – University College London

November 2ndMelissa Chigubu – Top 50 Women in Engineering Winner

November 4thLucy Edge – working with satellites at SA Catapult

November 9thMohammed Taher – The Airport Guy

November 11thCarl W. Starr – NASA and the James Webb Telescope

November 23rdIan Cameron – Extracting hydrogen from water to change the world

November 30th Tayo Ajasa – Rockwell Automation

December 7thTessa Ryan – Helping prepare Jerey for a Zero Carbon future

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