Each year tens of thousands of pupils from the ages of 3-19 answer the question “If you were an engineer, what would you do?”. Pupils are tasked with interviewing an engineer, identifying a problem in the world around them and then coming up with a creative solution to that problem. They create an annotated drawing of their idea and write a letter to an engineer.

We award every pupil with a personalised, graded certificate but to do this, we need your help to grade the entries. We’ll work through the entries and decide who will receive a Pass, Merit, Distinction or Distinction Shortlisted grade.​

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Jersey Electricity, Jersey Grading Day - Thu, 18 Apr 2024


Senior Aerospace Weston, Barnoldswick Grading Day - Tue, 16 Apr 2024


Why attend?

Here’s what engineers say about this event:

I travelled down from Derby down to Bristol to take part in the Bristol grading day and it was just such a fantastic experience! I turned up and said, what do you need from me? and there were thousands of entries and I thought this is amazing, how engaged all these schools and children have got with this this whole process. I probably reviewed well over 500 entries over that day. I just sat there from 9:00 o’clock in the morning until they kicked me out at 5:00 o’clock going through entry after entry of all different age groups, schools all over the country and it was just fantastic to be part of such an amazing initiative.
Gill Richardson – Principal Consultant, IPEX Consulting

I went to help with the grading in Greater Manchester and that was so much fun, it was just brilliant. It was a highlight of my year last year. To see all of these incredible inventions that kids came up with, and so many of them were about helping other people or helping the environment. I thought it was brilliant to see what the future holds if those are our future engineers!
Ciara McGrath – Lecturer in Aerospace Systems, University of Manchester