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Who We Are:

Primary Engineer are an educational not-for-profit bringing engineering into classrooms across the UK. We connect engineering and technology professionals with schools so they can provide a real-world link to engineering, helping to break stereotypes and expand pupil understanding of what an engineer is and the opportunities and possibilities within industry. We are always looking for volunteers to support our programmes and competitions, helping to inspire the next generation of engineers.

Engagement Opportunity:

There are several opportunities you can be involved with through our Leaders Award Competition which asks pupils aged 3-19 “If you were an engineer, what would you do?®” and you can be involved in one or all of those below:

Be interviewed by a school: Deliver a short presentation on your engineering journey and answer questions from the school pupils. This can be done either in person or virtually.

Take part in our grading days: Every single entry is graded by an engineer, and we are always looking for engineers to join us as graders. It’s all hands-on deck and a great day of engagement with fellow industry professionals.

Attend our Exhibitions & Awards: We host Public Exhibitions and Award Ceremonies across the UK to celebrate the engineering achievements of pupils who take part in the competition. We encourage engineers to attend so they can meet with pupils, parents and teachers from a variety of schools, furthering that engineering engagement.

Young people cannot be what they cannot see. Being able to engage with engineering and learn that anyone can grow up to work in the industry can have a profound effect on them. So, if you want to be involved and help inspire the next generation of engineers get in touch today!

As recognition of your involvement, we welcome you as a Primary Engineer ‘Engineer Inspirer’. We will support your involvement and provide you with recognition of engagement for your own professional development.

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